About Counterpoint

Counterpoint Community Services Inc. has been a support and advocacy service for individuals, families and community groups since 1977.

The agency is an experienced direct service provider and is managed by a local resident’s management committee with a professional staff team. It also acts as a central hub for other essential local organisations and grass-roots community groups operating.

We are a not-for-profit, public benevolent institution and registered charity.

In music, “Counterpoint” is the relationship between voices that are harmonically interdependent yet independent in rhythm and contour to produce a beautiful, harmonious whole.

At Counterpoint, we acknowledge that each part of our society is independent; individuals, families, communities, NGOs and governments, yet also interdependent to create better places to live, learn, work, rest and play.

The Association’s objectives are to assist in the relief of  poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, destitution or  helplessness by fostering the growth of community life and community services, working with the community to build capacity, connection, well-being and resilience.

To achieve the above objective, the Association shall facilitate appropriate activities and offer itself as a charitable and public benevolent organisation and resource for people.

We will work with other community groups and organisations whose objectives are aligned with the Associations. To this end, the Association will pursue resources and operational activities that will aid us in attaining our objectives, including, but not limited to, the provision of:

Community Development Services for all, with particular emphasis on community members in vulnerable situations and people experiencing deep and persistent disadvantage.

Provision of Community Support Services and Facilities for individuals, families, and community groups Capacity Building for individuals, families, community groups and other organisations aligned with our objectives.

Community Advocacy that is independent and impartial and represents the diversity of our communities, with a particular emphasis on amplifying the voices of community members who have had limited opportunities to share their views with those in positions of power

Community Events that promote harmony, diversity, and inclusion 

Social Enterprises that enable us to further our aims.

Specialised children’s services that foster education, family support and child safety and wellbeing

We will partner with other organisations and community  groups whose objectives align with our Association and which help to further our objectives. This will include but is not limited to auspicing, participating in appropriate consortia and inter-agencies, and entering appropriate Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)

Any other service or activity which furthers or is incidental to our objects

Counterpoint is managed by our volunteer management committee who are annually elected by our members who represent the local community, together with program.

TREASURER: Geoff Turnbull
SECRETARY: Natasha Sitanala

MEMBER: John Martin
MEMBER: Diana Whitworth
MEMBER: Lyn Lormer
MEMBER: Charlie Wilde
MEMBER: Julie Foreman


STAFF REP: Raeleen O’Halloran
PUBLIC OFFICER & CEO: Michael Shreenan


Michael Shreenan Executive Officer / Public officer 
Grant Nair Community Centres Coordinator



John Ferguson Accounts
Anna Kim Accounts
Meagher, Howard & Wright Auditor 





Elle Jennison Factory Community Centre Coordinator

Rory Jackson Community Support/Project Officer

Ciel Yuan Community Development Officer



Dianne Rodgers Facilities Caretaker/Hospitality
Margaret Wood Pre-school Caretaker


Raeleen O’Halloran Pre-school Director
Josephine Scianni Early Childhood Teacher

Jamie Howard – Childcare Worker
Naomi Ward Senior Childcare Worker
Angelique Mandilis Childcare Worker



Elle Jennison Project Officer
Mounir Boudali Cycle Re-cycle Club
James Perez Events & IT,
Nick Cavarretta – Website design
Susan Harris Media design.


Ciel Yuan – Playgroups Coordinator

Bilingual Educators

Mila Seredenko
Ciel Yuan

Kelly Chan

Marilyn Deutsch

HUB Tenants Staff


Sydney Local Heath District


Shane Brown Manager Healthy Living Program




Ilona Bromberg Case Worker


Barnardo’s Yunrguai Learning Centre


Vivianne Freeman Senior Advisor Aboriginal

Bruce Shillingsworth Senior Education Support

Dianne Rodgers Educational support

Filise Freeman-Mafi  Educational support


Spanish Community  Care


Lillian Zuniga Project Officer

Nancy Alvarez Community Support Worker

Daniella Henandez




Bruce Shillingsworth Bus Driver

John Martin Bus Driver 

We receive funding from range of sources including donations, NSW State Government Departments, City of Sydney Council and the Australian Federal Government.

We are also supported by tertiary education institution, private business and donors including: Club Grants NSW, Mirvac, Australian Chinese Charity Foundation, Australian College of Applied Psychology, University of Sydney, UNSW, Christ Church St Laurance, and others.

Counterpoint Community Services INC is an Equal Opportunity Employer with an existing diverse team.

People of culturally diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People are encouraged to apply.

We advertise our employment opportunities on Ethical Jobs Website:
http://www.ethicaljobs.com.au and other Websites