Counterpoints Associated Programs

Counterpoint identifies with the local community, providing support, meeting space, advice and advocacy.

Counterpoint is also made up by number of community programs and projects including our Social Enterprises;

Waterloo Recycling Workshop

Waterloo Recycling Workshop is a sustainable business (since 2008) with a proven record of community service.

Donations of furniture and household goods are warmly received on Friday mornings.

Waterloo Recycling Workshop is held each Friday from 8.00 to 12.00 in the garage of the Turanga Building at 1 Phillip Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017

Cycle Re-cycle Club

Cycle Re-cycle Club is a community based group of enthusiastic bike minded people who gratefully receive pre-loved or abandoned bikes, parts and accessories to help make a working bike to go back into the community.

Our volunteers work alongside people from the local community, sharing their mechanical knowledge and showing them how to use tools to recycle discarded and pre-loved bicycles and to repair and maintain them afterwards. All aimed at increasing the use of bikes in and around Sydney.

Cycle Re–Cycle Club is held every Monday and Wednesday 17.00 to 20.30 in the garage of the Turanga Building at 1 Phillip Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017.
We are also closed when it’s raining heavily.

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Counterpoint also administer a number of special community projects;

Redfern Our Place Outreach Projects

Counterpoint runs several outreach projects in the past including English classes, digital literacy classes, cooking classes, BINGO, and painting groups in the heart of the Redfern social housing estate.

Our Place Community Room at Poets Corner is the heart of the neighbourhood providing a safe place for community development activities. Its goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of residents by delivering integrated face-to-face services to address social isolation.

We currently runs BINGO sessions or painting groups on Thursdays.

For more info: Phone: 02 9698 9569 or Email:

Waterloo Redevelopment Community Development Project

In December 2015, the NSW government announced plans to redevelop the Waterloo social housing estate. The Waterloo Redevelopment Community Development Officer (WRCD) advocates for the rights and outcomes of public housing residents through the redevelopment and provides independent advice, information and support to the various community stakeholders including residents, local services, organisations and government.

Develop and lead key community engagement and programs to support the participation of marginalised community members and ensuring the most vulnerable and isolated are considered and engaged including children, the elderly, those with a disability, and Aboriginal community members.
The WRCD’s work is supported by two bilingual educators who advocate for and engage with the large number of Russian and Chinese residents on the Waterloo estate, ensuring they are active participants in the Master planning process.

For more info: Phone: 02 9698 9569 or Email:

Community Health Action Team (CHAT) Project

Well-being is affecting how we feel, think and behave. It is impacted by issues, such as where we live, whether we feel useful and valued, and the kinds of relationships we have with others. Well-being is important for everyone.

The recent loss of all Waterloo local placed based community development funding could have significant impact on local resident’s well-being if all place based activities cease.

The aims and objectives the CHAT projects are:

  • To recruit and train local residents to act as health champions and establish a Community lead Health Action Team;
  • To train local champions to participate and with view to facilitating their own social well-being and health promotion activities;
  • To increase local ownership and participation in preventative health work; and
  • To aid in reduction of social isolation through strengthening existing and developing new social networks.

For more info: Phone: 02 9698 9569 or Email:

The Waterloo IMPACT Community Capacity Building Project

The Waterloo IMPACT Community Capacity Building will work in partnership with Family and Community Services (FACS), stakeholders and local residents to engage community members in training and skills development that supports self-management of community activities and participation in local consultation processes, particularly planning for the Waterloo Human Services Framework 2018 being led by FACS Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC).

The Waterloo IMPACT Community Capacity Building will link with existing services and groups operating in Waterloo and Redfern to promote coordinated community engagement and integrated service delivery in line with priority outcomes of the Waterloo Human Services Framework, which include:

  • improved coordination, integration and accessibility of the local service system;
  • improved educational and employment outcomes for Waterloo residents;
  • a vibrant, cohesive Waterloo community where residents feel culturally and socially connected; and
  • opportunities for residents to contribute to decision making that affect them.

For more info: Phone: 02 9698 9569 or Email:

Flexible Response Project – COVID-19

We know that Covid-19 is creating all sorts of challenges for different people; with a range of needs falling through the gaps of current service provisions. Counterpoint Community Services is excited to announce that we will be rolling out our Flexible Response Project soon to help those that are finding it particularly tough. Funded by the City of Sydney as part of the City’s Community Service’s Grant (Covid-19), the Flexible Response Project consists of a team of ‘mates’ to support those eligible with a range of services including: 

 • Job seeking assistance

• Emotional and counselling support

• Collection of essential shopping, medicines and other household items

• Help with navigating and accessing on line services

• Support and wellbeing check and assistance to access other supports

• Assistance with small tasks around the house

• Support for personal growth, education and development.

 Eligibility: The project is based on priority need for those who live in the City of Sydney’s LGA and are significantly affected by Covid-19 and have no access to other practical assistance such as My Age Care.

 We are now accepting inquiries and our friendly staff will conduct an assessment over the phone. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, our staff will determine the best way to assist you and may refer you to a more appropriate service.

 If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance, kindly call 02 9698 9569 or email


Counterpoint Community Services is also home to other third party services at our Factory base in Waterloo;