Our Services

Programs of Counterpoint Community Services INC

Counterpoint Community Services is made up by number of community programs and projects including:

The Factory Community Centre

Poets Corner Pre-school

Waterloo Recycling Workshop

Cycle Re-cycle Club

Redfern Waterloo Housing Communities Programme (community development support)

Counterpoint Co-located Services and Groups Groups

Counterpoint Community Services is also home to other third party services at our Factory base in Waterloo including:-

JewishCare – http://www.jewishcare.com.au/

Spanish Community Care Association – http://spanishcare.net/

Welcome Amigos Club – http://amigos-hub.wix.com/welcome-amigos-hub

REDWatch – http://www.redwatch.org.au/

Barnardo’s (Yurungai Learning Centre) – http://www.barnardos.org.au/

Rebecca Rose Psychology

Columbian’s in Australia

New Horizons – PHaMS support group

Redfern Waterloo Gambler Anonymous


Redfern and Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Boards & Action Groups

Ability Links Outreach

And many other partners