Community Development

Community Development

Counterpoint Community Services manages the Housing Communities Programme locally for Redfern and Waterloo which is funded by New South Wales Family and Community Services Sydney Housing Division. This programme involves working in partnership with both Government and Non-Government agencies to assist in building social cohesion in the area and promoting resident involvement through a community development framework. This involves providing a range of services to help groups and individuals become involved in developing and enhancing their communities and thereby improving the quality of life for local people.

We do this by offering support to existing groups and services and by developing new locally based ’resident-led community and voluntary groups in the area. We work to help build the capacity of community leaders or volunteers and work with others towards creating a more cohesive, self-assured community, building upon the existing strong community spirit of the residents.

Activities include:

Organising community events and projects, such as community fair days, ceremonies, and consultation days, which address community issues identified by local residents. (e.g., Summer on the Green, Redfern Neighbourhood Day, Volunteer Awards, Waterloo Recycling Workshop, and Cycle re-Cycle and is guided by the local Neighbourhood Advisory Board’s)

Offering support, training, and advice to existing groups and individuals on a range of issues such as funding, project planning, advocacy on their behalf to Government agencies, and how to set up new interest groups and committees

Assisting in the organisation of recreation activities that bring people together

Facilitating the production of RedWater e-News

Advocating on behalf of the community (to policy & decision makers) – gathering of perceived needs though consultations both formally and informally

Promoting a partnership approach to community challenges, e.g., establishing action or steering groups around topics of priorities for the community

For more information and date time of activities contact our community development team on: >(02) 9698 9569