Social Enterprises and Community Projects

Community Arts

The Factory Community Centre has a long history of engaging artists in community development projects.

An early mural project to be found on the walls of The Factory bears the legend, ‘This mural is part of South Sydney Project 1982-1986”. The tiles were made by the following community groups who meet at The Factory: the Turkish Woman’s Literacy Group, some parents involved with Playgroups, the Blindies as well as a group of staff members. They were helped along by Toni Warbarton and Susan Ostling. Financial assistance was given by the Crafts Board of the Australia Council and the Sydney City Council. Ceramics facilities were provided by the Tin Sheds University of Sydney. The mural was completed in August 1986.

In recent years, The Factory has run projects in glass, pottery, textile, and in public art, the latter by local artist Angela Yeend whose mosaic murals may be found in Waterloo Green and in the playground in southern end of Pitt St, Waterloo and at corner of Pitt and Raglan Street.